What’s the Best Bermuda Grass for Houston

We’re often asked about the best Bermuda grass for Houston area projects. Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine answers that question in this video. If you have questions about the best grass variety for your project, please call us at 281-431-7441. We can give you a quote for your project over the phone.

Summary of What’s the Best Bermuda Grass for Houston

What’s the best Bermuda Grass for Houston? There are several varieties of Bermuda grass out there, and I’m not familiar with all of them by any stretch.

Common Bermuda has been around forever. There are farms that grow Common Bermuda, but most people consider it a weed that comes up if you have bare dirt in any part of the Texas Gulf Coast. We do not grow or carry Common Bermuda grass. We’re not in that roadside kind of business. We sell to homeowners almost 100%.

So we carry a close cousin to Common Bermuda, which is the TexTurf 10. It doesn’t produce near as many of the unsightly seed heads, it’s a little denser, so per inch of stem on the grass there’s more blades is what I mean by it’s denser. And the blades are a little bit smaller and not quite as coarse as the Common Bermuda. It is probably the Bermuda that we sell most here, and if somebody asked me what’s my favorite Bermuda Grass, I’m going to tell them TexTurf because I think it’s easier to take care of.

The Tifway 419 is finer bladed. It’s what they use on golf courses, on the fairways, and some of the tee boxes. However only the top third of the plant is green. So if you’ve got a three inch plant, only the top inch is green.

If you wait too long to mow it, and you cut off more than a third of the blade, all you’re left with is brown stems. And they’re unsightly. When we get into the summer growing season, as a matter of fact, you will probably have to mow Tifway 419 every four days or you’ll cut too much off. When you do cut more than a third of the blades, it’s also really stressful to the plant.

Tifway 419 is so fine bladed that it really needs to be mowed with a reel mower to make it look its best. Whereas with the TexTurf 10, you can get away with mowing with a rotary mower. Will TexTurf look better with a reel mower? Absolutely. But we sell a lot of it to homeowners, apartment complexes, and for sports fields, and it seems to work well in those places.

It is very drought tolerant. If it goes a long time without rain, and you’re not watering it’s going to last longer than a lot of the St. Augustines and the grasses like that. However, if you want your grass to be pretty and green you need to water.

People ask about drought tolerance and Bermuda Grass always comes up because every knows it is probably one of the more drought tolerant grasses, probably the most drought tolerant grass. But if you want pretty green grass you got to put an inch of water a week on it, and if you don’t it will turn off-brown.

Now, say you have an unmaintained area where nobody can water the Bermuda Grass. If it goes three months without raining and you’ll lose a lot of the Bermuda Grass. But if you had St. Augustine, you’re going to lose a lot more.

So if I had to pick the best Bermuda Grass I would probably say the TexTurf 10 as opposed to the Tifway 419. Please note that both varieties of Bermuda grass require full sun — they are not tolerant of any shade.

Get the Best Bermuda Grass in Houston at Houston Grass

All of our Bermuda grass is grown on our family farm outside of Bay City, Texas. That’s where our family has been in the grass business since 1981. You can pick up your grass at our office or we can deliver to your project site. We also offer professional installation services. Click this link for our current prices.

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