Grass Sod Services

Our Services Include Ordering Grass for Pickup, Grass Delivery and Professional Grass Installation.

You can pick up your grass sod at our office or we can deliver your grass to your project location. We can even arrange for professional installation services if you’d like. Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information.

We can’t say enough positive things about Houston Grass or the installation team that performed the work. The quality of the grass was matched by that of the installation team. The sod was fresh (cut that morning, thick, and green. Omar and his team did an awesome job with the installation. They had to overcome multiple challenges from extreme heat, some unexpected heavy storms, as well as a relatively large amount of surface roots. They overcame the challenges and far exceeded our expectations. The results are simply awesome. They finished yesterday and I have already received at least a dozen compliments from the neighborhood and strongly recommended Houston Grass to those interested. What made this even better for us was the time frame in which we were able to get this completed. It was less than two weeks from request to completion. This is the second time we have used Houston Grass.They performed a smaller job for us (backyard 2.5 pallets) in the spring. This was 14 pallets and about 7000 sq. feet. I will recommend Houston Grass to anyone asks. And, if Omar and his team are available, i would recommend them. He is easy to work with and clearly cares about the customer.


Craig Henry

Google Review

Pick Up Your Grass at Our Office

You can pick up your sod at our office located on the south side of Houston. We’re just off Highway 6 on McKeever Road in Arcola, and our office is visible from Highway 6, especially if you’re driving east.

We usually have Raleigh St. Augustine grass for sale by the piece at our office, but please check with us by calling 281-431-7441 before driving out. We don’t keep a lot of grass on hand, especially during the hot Houston summer, because we want to make sure that the grass we sell is fresh.

We also sell Raleigh St. Augustine by the half-pallet and all of our varieties by the pallet, pre-ordered. We can use our forklift to load your grass onto your truck or trailer. A pallet of our grass weighs between 2,500 and 3,000 pounds so please arrive with a truck or trailer heavy enough to do the job for you.

Grass Delivery Services

We deliver grass sod with our truck and “piggyback” forklift.  The delivery charge is per trip and is based on the mileage to the site from our office on Highway 6 in Arcola and the number of pallets ordered.

We will service any site in the Greater Houston Area, but we do have pallet minimums set for each area.  In other words, we cannot travel large distances with minimal amounts of grass.  We discourage our drivers from driving their forklift on loose dirt, mud, or anything that might cause them to get stuck. We warn that our forklifts often leave marks on driveways, and may cause damage to existing grass if we have to drive on it.

Our Grass Sod Installation Services

Grass Sod Installation Services

If you want to leave grass installation to the professionals, we can help.  Our sod installation crew can lay your grass at a reasonable price at a time that is convenient for you.  Just call 281-431-7441 and tell us how many square feet you want to cover and we can give you an accurate estimate over the phone. If additional work is needed such as dirt work or your old grass needs to be cleared from the site, we will send someone out to look at the site to give you an estimate based on your particular circumstances.

The cost of sod installation depends on several factors that include but are not limited to:

  • The amount of preparation work needed.  The site must be cleared and properly graded.  If it is not, we will send someone out to look at the site to give an accurate estimate of what it will take to address those items.
  • Whether or not the area is accessible by forklift.  If it is a backyard that is fenced in or other area that the forklift cannot access (the forklift needs approximately nine feet of horizontal clearance and 10 feet of vertical clearance), then the grass must be wheel-barrowed to the site.  This increases the time and amount of work involved dramatically so we normally charge an additional $10.00 per pallet of grass sod that has to be wheel-barrowed as opposed to grass that can be placed on the site by the forklift.
  • The distance the crew has to travel to get to the job site and the number of pallets of sod to be installed.

If you have questions about the sod installation services we provide or the cost of grass sod delivery to your project site, please call us at 281-431-7441 today.  Houston Grass sells grass grown on our family farm in Bay City, TX, and we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the quality grass sod that we deliver to your project site.