Do You Have Brown Patch in Your Grass

Brown Patch Is Appearing in Houston Lawns — Here’s What to Do

With the cooler nights and warm days we’ve been having, plus lots of moisture, brown patch is exploding all across the Houston area.  In this video, Michael talks about brown patch, how you can prevent it from becoming a problem in your lawn and how you can treat it if it’s already a problem.  Call 281-431-7441 for the fungicides you need to prevent brown patch from invading your lawn and treat if if you’re already seeing it.

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Brown patch is a soil-born fungus that plagues lawns in the Houston area and along the Texas Gulf Coast.  It comes around when we are transitioning from summer into fall and then again when we are transitioning from winter into spring. It is those big ugly bright yellow circles that appear in your yard in the St. Augustine primarily.

Brown Patch Houston Lawn
Brown Patch in a Houston Lawn

If you let it get going in your lawn in the fall, you’ll have brown circles in your lawn all winter until the grass starts repairing the damaged areas in the spring. However, spring brown patch can create ugly circles in your yard that last well into the summer.

So in February as the temperatures start to warm and September when temperatures start to cool, that’s when you really have to start thinking about treating your lawn if you want to prevent it.  Prevention is the key because you want to avoid getting those brown patches of dead grass in your lawn. 

If you don’t treat to prevent brown patch, you’ll start to see it in your lawn. You’ll start to see little yellow rings in your grass and those rings are brown patch.  Brown patch is especially likely in the low-lying areas of your yard and in the shady parts of the yard that stay damp longer. 

There are several things that you can use to treat it, but we carry a product that works really well called Heritage G. Heritage G is a granular fungicide that you can put out in early February and early September. You reapply Heritage G three weeks later. If you’re proactive you can prevent those ugly brown yellow circles from showing up in your yard. Again, it takes two treatments 21 days apart in the spring and the fall.

Using the Heritage G proactively is definitely the best way to to fight the fungus.

Michael Romine

You can tell active from inactive brown patch from the outside of the ring.  If it’s yellow then you know the brown patch is active.  If it’s not yellow then it’s not active.  Whether it’s active or not, if you have a St. Augustine lawn, it’s a good idea to treat your lawn with a fungicide in the spring and the fall.

Heritage G for Brown Patch
Heritage G for Brown Patch

Heritage G is a good solution for brown patch. I recommend that you put a reminder on your phone twice a year when brown patch season comes around.

Whether you get it from us or from one of the hardware stores or online, you should get it and use it. You can not get it at Lowes or Home Depot and the big box stores.

If you do see the yellow circles, look at the outer perimeter of that circle and you’ll see the bright yellow along the outer perimeter. About a week to 10 days after you treat with Heritage G you’ll notice that the bright yellow goes away. That’s how you know that the fungus is inactive. A bright yellow edge means that the fungus is active and it’s actively spreading out and making that circle bigger. When that bright yellow goes away though, you know that is now inactive and the grass will start to fill in the dead spot (in the spring). Nothing is going to reverse the effects of that fungus, but over time new grass will grow out and let the area recuperate.

So we just wanted to let everybody know that we’ve got that product and it’s a great one. And we definitely recommend people use it twice a year to keep that at bay.

We Carry Heritage G at Our Office

Call us at 281-431-7441 for recommendations about the best way to treat brown patch in your lawn.  Click here for our office hours and directions.

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Prevent Brown Patch or Stop It in Its Tracks

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