Can You Lay Sod in Fall and Winter?

Can You Lay Sod in Fall and Winter in Houston?

People ask us if they can lay sod in fall and winter in the Houston area and the answer is “yes”!  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about laying grass sod in the fall and winter in this video.  If you have questions about the kind of grass sod best suited to your project, please call us at 281-431-7441.

Summary of Michael’s Video

The answer is that you can lay grass sod in the fall and winter.  You can lay grass sod year round and we sell grass to our customers throughout the year.  Laying sod in winter is much better than waiting until spring.

In fact if you’re buying or building a new home, you probably won’t be able to close without covering your yard with grass sod.  Grass that’s brown and isn’t growing is better than dirt and mud through the winter and the grass sod in your yard will help keep children and pets from tracking mud into your home.

Can I Lay Sod in Fall and Winter - Houston Grass South
Can I Lay Sod in Fall and Winter – Houston Grass South

It’s Better to Cover the Bare Spots with Dormant Grass than Invite Weed Seeds Into Your Yard

If you’re wondering whether to leave areas of bare dirt alone until springtime, please remember that weeds will get established in that bare dirt and you’ll have to get rid of those weeds as a first step in any springtime lawn sodding project.  It’s better and cheaper to cover the dirt with grass sod now and prevent those weed seeds from taking root.

We do advise that you keep as much of the heavy traffic off the grass sod as you can until it greens up and begins to put down roots.  You’ll also need to water the grass even though it’s not growing during cold periods.  Just as with an established lawn, your grass should receive one inch of water every two weeks — either from sprinklers or from Mother Nature.

If you have any questions about laying sod in the cooler months of the year, please call us at 281-431-7441.  Houston Grass South is located on McKeever Road, just off of Highway 6 and just a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.

We’re a family owned business and we take great pride in the quality of our grass products.  Our family has been growing top quality grass at our farm outside Bay City for more than 30 years.  Check the reviews and feedback we’ve received from our customers!