How to Help Your Lawn Grass Recover from the 2021 Texas Freeze

We’re getting lots of questions about how to help your grass recover from the freezing temperatures we experienced last week. Here’s Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine offering tips for bringing your lawn back to life. Call 281-431-7441 for more information.

Summary of How to Help Your Grass Recover from Freeze Damage

The Houston area experienced a destructive period of freezing temperatures in mid-February. Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about how to help your grass recover from freeze damage and get a great start for the year.

  1. Wait till the danger of a frost has passed.

    A deep frost could damage the new grass you’ve encouraged to grow in the following steps. Wait until the danger of freezing temperatures has passed.

  2. Give your grass a haircut.

    Lower your mower height setting by two notches. You don’t want to scalp your lawn. You want to give it a haircut that will remove the damaged lawn grass and encourage the growth of new grass.

  3. Remove the clippings from your lawn.

    Remove or bag the clippings from your lawn to avoid adding to your lawn’s thatch layer.

  4. Apply fertilizer to your lawn grass.

    We recommend and carry Nitro Phos fertilizers which are developed for Houston-area grass by a Houston-area company. The Nitro Phos Imperial is a 15-5-10 lawn fertilizer. Nitro Phos also makes two weed and feed fertilizers.

  5. Give your lawn grass a drink.

    Soon after applying fertilizer, water in the fertilizer with half an inch of water from your irrigation system or the sky or both. This will help your grass recover more quickly.

Check Randy Lemmon’s Tips for Freeze Recovery

We follow and recommend Randy Lemmon’s tips for helping your grass recover from the 2021 Texas Deep freeze.