Best Spring Fertilizer for Your Houston Lawn

What’s the best spring fertilizer for your Houston lawn? It depends. Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about three different types of fertilizer we recommend. They’re all made by Nitro-Phos here in Houston and they’re all developed for Houston grass. Call us with questions at 281-431-7441. We carry these three fertilizers at our office along with a selection of other Nitro-Phos products that we recommend.

Summary of the Best Spring Fertilizer Video

I ordered a pallet of the Palmetto St. Augustine to be delivered to my house. Michael, the owner, delivered it personally. He also spent some time with me discussing the care that the Palmetto requires to prevent fungus. On the whole, I am very pleased with my purchase and would use them again.

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What is the best spring fertilizer. Spring is just around the corner here in Houston, Texas. The objective is to put the spring fertilizer out, your first fertilizer application of the year, right after the last frost of the winter.

So whenever you believe that the last frost has happened, you want to be ready with your fertilizer. For the last few years, that last frost had been around mid February.

We Recommend Nitro-Phos Fertilizers

Houston Grass carries three different types of fertilizers for the spring application. We carry Nitro-Phos products, and their fertilizers for Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast are not something that you find in the big box stores.

Nitro-Phos products are made by a Houston company, and they are developed and tested for this part of the world. The other fertilizer manufacturers send the same fertilizer out to half the United States. Nitro-Phos does a very good job of putting out an excellent fertilizer.

For springtime, they have three different fertilizers. There’s a red bag called Imperial Lawn Fertilizer which is a 15-5-10 fertilizer, with no weed killer of any kind in it. If you have no weeds in your yard, and you’re just looking to get your grass off to a good start, that’s the one you would want to pick. It’s also the cheapest of the three.

Two Weed and Feed Spring Fertilizers

If you do have some weed issues, mainly the broadleaf weeds like clovers, then one of the two weed and feed type fertilizers would be a good option. Both have the same 15-5-10 fertilizer in them, but one of them uses atrazine as a weed killer and one of them uses Trimec.

People say different things about the atrazine. Sometimes it gets a bad name. It is certainly the more potent of the two chemicals.

If you have St. Augustine grass, you can use either of those to kill the weeds. If you have Bermuda grass, the turquoise bag — the one with the Trimec in it — would be the spring fertilizer that you would want to pick.

If you put atrazine on a Bermuda grass yard, it would kill it. You don’t want to do that. So you’ve got the purple bag and the turquoise bag. Those are the weed and feed spring fertilizers we recommend and carry.

If you would like to call us and discuss the merits of each of our fertilizers, we can certainly do that but just keep in mind that by mid to late February you need to get that fertilizer out there. The Nitro-Phos spring fertilizer products are fantastic. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Fertilize Right After the Last Frost

Visit our office in Arcola to pick up the spring fertilizer you need to get your lawn off to a great start.