Why Scalp Your Grass in Early Spring?

Summary of the Scalp Your Grass Video

Why do we scalp your grass? One might guess that someone would do that only once a year, and the purpose would be to get rid of the thatch layer.

As a matter of fact, we encourage people to scalp their grass with all grass types. That first early spring mowing, when you think there’s going to be no more frosts or anything like that, you cut the grass off extra short and then rake up all that dead material.

Scalp Your Grass Early in the Spring

If you don’t bag your clippings, over a year’s worth of mowing, you’re going to build up a substantial layer of thatch. Also, your grass went dormant over the winter, and all the grass is brown, and the new grass is going to grow up through that.

The new green grass is going to grow up through the thatch layer and the dormant grass, so you’re going to have this layer of basically dead grass in there that’s like hay. So, you go in there and cut it off short. You don’t want to leave it out there because there’s going to be a lot of material to get rid of. You cut it off short.

It has to be raked up, or you’ve defeated the purpose. You’ve got to rake it up and get it out of there. And that’s really good to do because Bermuda grasses are very dense, as are the Zoysias. But it doesn’t hurt St. Augustine grass to scalp your grass early in the growing season either. It’s a good idea to do that with all those.

Don’t Scalp Your Grass During the Summer

Like I said, it’s an early spring thing that you do. You never want to do it again because scalping is not good for any grass when it gets hot outside. You’re cutting off the grass’s ability to collect sunlight and you’re really stressing the plant. In a lot of cases, if you don’t follow it up with a big watering right after you do that, whether accidentally or not, you’ll kill the grass.

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